Favorable mortgage conditions and interest-free installments in the Residential Complex Tsarskaya Square! Please, specify details by phone.

minutes to Dinamo metro station
options of facade design
km to the Kremlin
га благоустроенных прогулочных зон
Property details
Moscow (Russia)
31, Leningradskiy Avenue, Moscow
Build-up area:
5,3 hectares
Number of units:
Number of floors:
underground for 1910 cars
Coalco, MR Group
Construction deadline:
Q1 2018 (1 queue)
Purchase terms:

Mortgage rate of 7.5% per annum!

Minimum price 5 931 198 rub
Project documentation

<div class="col-xs-12 col-sm-12 col-md-12 col-lg-6">
<div class="b-section__header--yellow">Tsarskaya Square  is a modern residential complex of business class, created by original architect project.</div>
It is unique residential complex, where convenient location in historical Moscow`s district combines with innovative engineering and construction solutions and comfort of life.</div>
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<p class="b-plain-text">Residential Complex Tsarskaya Square is erected between Leningradskiy Avenue 
and the 3d Transport Ring, in place,&nbsp; where two highways allow to get to the work by car just in several minutes.
New business center of Moscow - Moscow-City is just nearby the residential complex. There are business centers` offices just in several minutes by car from Belorusskaya subway station.&nbsp;<br>
Highly developed infrastructure of Begovaya district will be at the disposal of tre residents of the multifunctional complex. At the lower floors there is everuthing for easy and comfortable life, including restaurants, boutiques, shops, pharmacies, salons, repair shops. Game and sports centers, park areas, walkways and places for rest are erected on the territory of the complex.Children will be able to study in their favorite leisure
centers and visit the mini children's garden right in the courtyard of the complex. <br>
The territory of residential complex is protected by fencing and its own security system. Furthermore, there is a round-the-clock video surveillance on the guard posts there is a round-the-clock video surveillance.<br>
The basic architect idea of the residential complex comes from  Tsarskiy Pavillion, which was erected in 1882 for  the royal family`s rest at the time of the Industrial and Art Exhibition launch. Residential complex Tsarskaya Square consists of 4 buildings with historical names - Petrovskiy, Ekaterininskiy,Romanovskiy and Alexandrovskiy. Each of tmem has its own characteristic architectural appearance, which is in organic way
fits the overall composition of the complex. Between buildings there is a pedestrian gallery for pleasant walks after a busy day or at the weekend. In the winter, it will be possible to go skating, the benefit of the nearby ice rink allows you to do this with comfort.</p>

General Plan
The famous WOWHAUS bureau has developed the concept of project improvements. In addition to developed infrastructure with bakeries, restaurants and cafes, shops and a Gold’s Gym fitness center, the surroundings of the residential complex also include a walking art gallery with fountains.
The architectural base of the project is the Tsar Pavilion with its famous Parisienne restaurant.
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