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Vorobiev Dom Residential Development
Vorobiev Dom Residential Development
4 Vorobievskoe Highway
Minimum price 24 307 773 rub

Located in a prestigious green district of old Moscow, this premium-class development offers a wide choice of apartments and penthouses including those with fireplaces and terraces. Good panoramic views of the River Moskva, Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow City as well as nearby nature reserves. 

Клубный дом Level Кутузовский
Клубный дом Level Кутузовский
улица Гришина, д. 16, стр. 1
Minimum price 9 456 159 rub

Скидка на квартиры 10% в ноябре!


«Дом на Рогожском Валу»
«Дом на Рогожском Валу»
Москва, ул. Рогожский вал, д. 11, стр. 1
Minimum price 17 039 857 rub

Первоначальный взнос от 0%!

Consul-Dom. Lider na Leninskom.
Consul-Dom. Lider na Leninskom.
Moscow, 157 Leninsky Ave., build. 4
Minimum price 11 636 000 rub

This business class house is going to become in some way a distinguishing feature of Troparevo-Niculno district!


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